Charity Quilts

Current Charity Projects

“May every stitch bring you the peace and comfort of a friend’s embrace.”

These words appear on the labels attached to our charity quilts.  Our members approach making their quilts for charity with the same care as making quilts for their friends and families. The workmanship and quality of our donated quilts is amazing, as you can see from the photos below.

Over the years, Guild members have made and donated hundreds of quilts and quilted items to various charities — from baby items to adult-sized quilts.  Every two years, the Guild selects its designated charities, and our current designated charities are the House of Ruth and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital’s Cancer Center.  Donations to other charities that have special ties to our members are also made, as requested.

Charity quilts are created by our members using donated fabric and supplies, and are often supplemented by our members’ personal contributions. We host Charity Quilt-a-Thons at least twice a year enabling members get together to work together on charity quilting projects.  We also create Quilt Kits containing Charity Quilt Instructions – 2017 and all of the fabric strips needed to complete a quilt top.

Recent Quilt Donations for the House of Ruth

Recent Quilt Donations for the VA