Board Members



Elected Members 2017-2018

President: Susan Brightman
Vice President: Diana Geis
Secretary: Ruthie Gumnitsky
Treasurer: Amy Krasnansky

Standing Committee Chairs

Newsletter: Carol Ann Frost
Webmistress: Cathy Kleeman
Programs and workshops: Sally Wingo, Barbara White, Casey Cunningham
Membership: Betty Racicot and Judi Seal
Special Projects (includes Guild Challenges and Parties): Sue Scheper
Librarian: Ellie Hofstetter and Tony Serruto
Historian: Jeanne Delozier
Community Outreach (includes Charity Quilts and Community Education): Linda Anderson
EXPO 2019 Chair: Natalie Blum and Kathy Fader



Special Committees

Refreshments: Ellen Hoadley
Ask Me/Meeter & Greeter: Barbara Heinfelden
West River Retreat Coordinator: Kathy Fader
Come and Go Retreat Coordinator: June Piper and Nancy Andrew
Facebook Moderator: Linda Anderson
Sunshine: Alice Magorian